About Us

Wisdom Lighting is a full service events company. We provide Technology and Technical Expertise for the Arts and Entertainment. Wisdom Lighting can help you make your vision a reality.


W.E. Specialize in Unique and Exceptional projects and events. No two clients are alike, and the same is true for their projects and events. With extensive experience creating truly amazing…Continue readingServices


Here at Wisdom Lighting we thrive on helping our all of customers achieve their creative goals. We have many years providing innovative solutions for all sorts of individuals and businesses…Continue readingDesign


We have skilled technicians with decades of combined experience from all sectors in the world of technology. Weather your project is a full blown concert or festival production. A few…Continue readingInstallation


Wisdom Lighting is your one stop shop for all things related to programming your system. When the other guys just set it and forget it, leaving you with little to…Continue readingProgramming

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